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YOUNG TALENT by Hans Peter Zimmermann

Why I love this script…

“Young talent” begins with a situation I experienced myself when I was 18. A man I met through CB radio (Facebook of the 70’s) had convinced me that he didn’t have any sexual interest in me, became a good friend of our entire family and only then started to seduce me in such a subtle way that it cannot be described. But it can be expressed perfectly through a screenplay.

The atmosphere and unintended comedic moments of a dysfunctional family who closes their eyes to problems, and the creepy behavior of a man who is an expert at convincing people to do what he wants, is so well captured in this screenplay that even after reading it for the twentieth time, it gives me the creeps.

However, I wouldn’t be Hans-Peter Zimmermann if I hadn’t transferred the story to the flashy world of Hollywood and made it into a quirky comedy which demonstrates that all bad experiences can be turned into a blessing.


P.S. Here is the one-sheet, for those of you who still believe in that short stuff.

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Screenplay Young Talent