Family Constellation Book by HPZ

Family Constellation Work How to Heal your Inner Family

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The family constellation book “How To Heal Your Inner Family” represents a novel approach in systemic therapy: while most systemic therapists derive from a specific conflict to solve it using systemic techniques, Hans-Peter Zimmermann’s “six systemic checks” are a kind of mental spring cleaning, which one can perform on each client (or even should). The practical Index also provides quick access to all kinds of possible systemic situations and their solutions.


  • Who Is This Book For?
  • How Were the Six Systemic Checks Developed?
  • Systemic Check No. 1: Exterior View of the Family of Origin
  • Systemic Check No. 2: The Masculine and the Feminine Powerhouse
  • Systemic Check No. 3: Organized Mental Picture of the Family of Origin
  • Systemic Check No. 4: Detachment from the Family of Origin
  • Systemic Check No. 5: Actual State of the Chosen Family
  • Systemic Check No. 6: Order of the Chosen Family
  • Appendix: The Most Important Systemic Rules
  • Index
  • Bibliography

Who Is This Book For?

Dear readers,

This book is interesting for three target groups:

  • Therapists and coaches with systemic experience
  • Therapists and coaches without systemic experience
  • Lay people

This book will give therapists with systemic experience step-by-step in- structions on how they can apply their knowledge in a one-on-one set- ting. They will also learn an efficient method that allows them to do a kind of systemic “spring cleaning” on their clients.

Therapists with no systemic experience will realize how valuable this therapeutic tool is after reading this book. And they will most likely look for a good systemic instructor.

The lay person will find out what they can expect from systemic therapy. It is anticipated: This is a lot of information, and it might actually mean a breakthrough for you in your life. I’ve even made “old hands” cry and subsequently beam with joy with these techniques…

Regardless of how hard your fate may be: I honor it by leaving it with you. And that includes the fate of having bought this book 😉