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You are the most important person in your life!


Remember what the flight attendant says when you travel with small children? “Put your oxygen mask on first, then take care of your child.” If you see to it that you are well and fulfilled, everybody around you will profit.

My name is Hans Peter Zimmermann. For Americans, Hans Peter is sometimes too much effort, so “Hans” is fine. Reminds you of the famous movie composer Hans Zimmer, right? No, we are not related, but I adore his music.

I earn my money in Switzerland by doing seminars for the German-speaking markets. I also receive royalties from my books which have been published in German, Dutch, Russian, Czech, and Chinese.

I’m proud to announce that the English version of my self-help book “How To Heal Your Inner Family” is available in paperback on Amazon and as an e-book at the Kindle Store: http://amzn.to/T4hHip

I have been married to my wife Anita for 36 years, and am completely monogamous (I know this sounds exotic to Hollywood ears, but it can be done!) I show my seminar participants that they usually don‘t have to change their partner, but merely themselves, in order to remain happy and fulfilled.

Anita and I used to commute between Gstaad, Switzerland and Hollywood, California, for many years. November 2016, all U.S. activities have been put on hold, out of protest against a USA under Trump.


One of my fields of expertise is Family Constellation Work. Also, I am currently learning how to write screenplays — an activity that one is allowed to practice anywhere in the world. So far, I have written three scripts. You can download my favorite screenplay here.

You can reach me at hpz@hpz.com

My Swiss headquarters and mailing address:
Zimmermann + Partner
Unterbortstr. 24
CH-3792 Saanen, Switzerland
Mobile: Hans-Peter Zimmermann CH +41 79 339 04 55

U.S. Mailing address:
November 2016, all U.S. activities have been put on hold, out of protest against a USA under Trump.

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